USB Scan Toaster Toasts News Headlines

If you have ever find your self stuck with your computer early in the morning without your freshly toasted bread then this USB scan toaster by Electrolux is for you. This USB toaster connects to the USB of your PC and automatically fetches feeds, weather and other interesting information including news headline which is then scanned onto your toast and served so when you finish reading the morning news, you can have a piece of it or have it whole.

USB Scan Toaster by Electrolux

This USB toaster has heating modules that are hot wired and work of the instruction of the user, When it receives the the information that is to be toasted on your bread, the heating element align it self accordingly and prints in on to your bread.

This toaster was entered in a design competition and any news about its mass production has not been revealed yet but this seems like a cool gadget to have near your PC.

| via Appliancist |

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