USB Cup Warmer Keeps Your Coffee For Long

In the past we have posted a lot of reviews for all sorts of USB gadgets including the USB fridge so today we have decided to share with you its counter part, the USB cup warmer that keeps your hot cup of tea or coffee warm for longer period.

USB Cup Warmer with 50cm long USB cable

This is a simple USB gadget that lets you place a cup on its hot plate so that your hot drink remains hot for long. It comes with a 50 cm USB cable and a DC to USB cable so you can also use it without a USB port. It requires only 5V of DC power to function properly. In the front lies a ON/OFF button and a power LED that lights as soon as you turn this gadget ON. This interesting USB cup warmer has the ability to maintain the temperature of your hot drink at 40 degrees after an hour. That is remarkable considering that most of the net savvy people tend to forget that they have a hot drink lying next to them waiting to be drunk.

You can easily get this USB cup warmer for under $20.

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