Urchin Bluetooth Speaker : Water and Shock Resistant

Urchin Bluetooth speaker

Urchin Bluetooth speaker

The Urchin is a new portable Bluetooth speaker made for those who take frequent camping trips and also are exposed to aquatic environment. The Urchin Bluetooth speaker has been made water resistant and splash resistant so that you continue to listen to music no matter what. It has a compact design and you can clamp it with your pans or your backpack quite easily. It also has a suction cup for placing in on to any smooth surface such as your car windscreen or your bathroom glass door. It has volume control buttons as well as power button. It has removable silicone covers so that you can have the color that suites you well.

The Urchin portable Bluetooth speaker also has a microphone so that it can act as a speaker phone. It is also dust proof and the silicone covering makes it slightly more durable than other similar portable Bluetooth speakers. It also has audio-in jack for connecting with non Bluetooth devices. The internal battery lasts for up to 8 hours. The Urchin Bluetooth Speaker currently retails at a price of $149.99 at Amazon.

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