Turn iPad Or Smartphone Into Remote Control Via Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech Harmony

As vendors are proceeding towards miniaturization, they also try to develop such devices which can perform multifunction and eliminate the need of extra devices such as remote controls which are separate for each device like TV, DVD and Blu-Ray player, etc. Therefore, Logitech brings you a all-in-one device which can convert your iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, smartphones, etc into a single remote control device named Logitech Harmony Link which allows you to play your favorite TV shows on your TV screen, turn on your favorite movie or music on DVD or Blu-Ray player.

Logitech Harmony
This stunning device from Logitech is beautifully designed in round shape and featuring:

  • Universal control of up to 8 devices and capable to work with 5,000+ brands and 225,000+ devices
  • Activity-based controls
  • Control hidden devices via IR mini blaster

The Logitech Harmony Link can be connected via Logitech remote control app installed on your iPad or else. (you can download it through Logitech app store). This application establishes the WiFi connection between your device and the Logitech Harmony Link which then converted into infrared signals that are sent out to the appropriate devices depending on the instruction. If you want to play your favorite TV show you can select it on your iPad and then watch it on TV meanwhile you can perform search for your next TV program on iPad. It will also perform other tasks like any remote control using volume control, select channel, select various TV modes, etc.

The Logitech Harmony Link is not only available at Logitech webstore but also Amazon offering this device with FREE Super Saver Shipping at price of $99.99. For more information, watch out the demo video for the device.

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