TiVo Slide Pro Remote With QWERTY Keyboard

tivo slide remote pro remot

tivo slide remote pro remot

TiVo has just announced its latest addition to the line of TV remotes. Their latest addition is called TiVo Slide Pro. As the name suggests, it is a fully functional IR remote control with a bit more for those who are into typing texts.

The TiVo Slide Pro has a fully functional slide out QWERTY keyboard and that as well with LED backlight which is suited to be used in low light conditions. According TiVo, the new TiVo Slide Pro remote will have improved IR and RF signal so this means no need for line-of-sight to use the remote.

Powered by only 2 x AA batteries, the TiVo Slide Pro remote is an all purpose home remote that you can use for a variety of multimedia products. Available for under $50 at Amazon (see details here).


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