TikTok and LunaTik – Apple iPod nano Wrist Watch Band

TikTok NANO Watch band

The designer behind the TikTok and LunaTik design is Scott Wilson who has made these two wrist want band designs for none other than the Apple iPod nano gadget with multi-touch functionality and a 1.54 inch touch screen. These are not the only design bands for the iPod nano, HEX watch bands also showed up few weeks ago but were only made of silicone. Although the TikTok plus LunaTik combined with the iPod nano looks like a cool combination but it is nowhere near the sWaP Rebel, USB wrist watch phone that also has touch screen functionality and a lot more.

TikTok NANO Watch band

LunaTik NANO Watch band

The first design is called the TikTok and it has a simple pop-in / pop-out feature that lets you quickly insert and remove your iPod nano in a second. On the other hand, the LunaTik is designed specifically for those who want to keep their iPod nano as a wrist watch gadget. The TikTok + LunaTik is made of aircraft grade aluminum, reinforced polycarbonate, stainless steel and of course the flexible looking premium silicone rubber.

The TikTok and LunaTik are available for on pre-order for price of $25 and $50 respectively which actually has retail price of $34.95 and $69.95 respectively.

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