The New UV Cell Phone sanitizer by Violight

Cell Phone Sanitizer

Violight has taken a jump from sanitizing tooth brushes to cell phones. It just discovered lately that more people use cell phones than tooth brush. According to the claim of the company itself, the Viologht UV cell phone sanitizer will kill 99% of germs.

Cell Phone Sanitizer
These 99% of germs include listeria, bacteria, E. coli, salmonella, step and the H1N1 flu virus. The Violight UV cell phone sanitizer will not only kill germs occupying your cell phones but it will also kill those germs from mp3 players, Bluetooth headphones, hands-free, PDAs etc. This will make you put less germs in your ears, mouth etc. The idea behind this is fairly simple yet very effective. How effective it would be, only time will tell. Violight has announced that the new UV cell phone sanitizer will be made available by October 2010 at a price of $49.95.

The Violight UV cell phone sanitizer will run on 3xAA batteries and will only take 5 minutes to sanitize your cell phones and other gadgets that can fit inside.

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