The i’m Tracer Bracelet Is GPS + GSM Tracker For Your Kids

im Tracer Bracelet

im Tracer Bracelet

The i’m Tracker is a bracelet that is meant to keep you informed about your kid’s location so that you are certain about their safety. Unlike other precious looking tracking devices, the i’m Tracker is as ugly as it gets. It might not be the final product but what it does is that it sends out updates to a parent about their kid’s location.

The i’m Tracer also lets the kid press the emergency button which will send an emergency call to a preset contact. The battery on the i’m Tracer bracelet will last about 3 days on normal usage but you can lower the number of location updates it sends to prolong its battery life.

The i’m Tracer bracelet will come with its respective Android and iOS app which will let a parent define safe zones and a lot more. The team behind i’m Tracer has stated that it will have a price tag around 140 to 160 Euros.


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