TextBlade is Your Dependable Keyboard For Tablets and Phones

TextBlade keyboard

TextBlade keyboard

We have seen all kinds of keyboard cases for both tablets and smartphones but the TextBlade is something entirely different. It combines the power of touch and feel of a natural mechanical keyboard.

The three keyboard pieces of TextBlade attach tightly to one another by means of neodymium magnets (video below). When deployed for typing it is merely 5.5mm thick which is quite remarkable.

The TextBlade keyboard has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts about 1 month of typing for 60mins of full charging. Materials used in it are steel, polycarbonate, silicone etc. The keyboard is Bluetooth compatible and works with almost all tablets and phones released to date.

The TextBlade keyboard has a price tag of $99 but you have to get in que and pre-order it from WatTools as the stock for first batch went out of stock very quickly.

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