Terminate any TV with Telly Terminate

It might look like an ordinary key chain attached to a LED light but do not get yourself fooled by its appearance as this small palm size gadget can terminate any TV in the world. In fact it is a universal TV remote that can turn ON and OFF any TV.

Universal TV ON OFF Remote control - Telly terminate

The telly terminate has one simple mission and that is to terminate a TV without getting noticed. Even if someone sees you pointing this gadget to his TV then you can show him the LED light on this device and come out really clean. It requires 1 x CR2032 battery that comes with it and it will be effective when the distance between the TV set and the Telly terminate is no more than 15 meters. It is only 4 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick so it is really hard to identify.

You can easily purchase this Telly Terminate for under £12.

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