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TEO Padlock : First Smartphone Controlled Padlock

TEO Bluetooth padlock

The TEO is an electronic padlock which is another Kickstarter project that is recently gaining popularity. It is the first key-less padlock that you can control with a smartphone app on any Bluetooth enabled device.

The TEO padlock can be locked, unlocked and accessed via its dedicated app. Users of the TEO padlock will also be able to share the unlock keys with other users so that they can also unlock the electronic padlock.

Stability wise, the TEO padlock is quite reliable as it is made into a rugged structure and will turn out to be a very sturdy spring-loaded padlock. Users will also be able to track all the records such as who had access to the padlock and for how long thus making it a very powerful monitoring tool as well.

Currently the TEO padlock seeks funding at Kickstarter to meets it CAD $165,000 goal in order to make it a reality and be approved for mass production.