Tao Digital Keychain with 1.5 inch LCD Screen

If you have ever felt like carrying a small sized digital photo frame in your pocket then you should have a look at the Tao digital keychain which weighs under 8 grams and can hold up to hundred images of your loved ones.

Tao digital photo keychain

Having a LCD of 1.5 inch, this digital photo keychain by Tao can hold images of resolution 128×128 and will display a slide show the way you like it. It has an internal memory of 8 MB for storing photos which can be transferred to this digital keychain via PC or MAC. Its internal battery gets charged via USB so you do not need an external charger. When in continuous operation, it will display slide shows for as long as four hours. It is available in black, blue, red and sliver colors.

Multi colors of Tao digital photo keychain

You can get this Tao Digital Keychain for under £10.

Available in :


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