sWaP Unveils sWaP Rebel – USB Wrist Watch Phone with GPS

SWAP Rebel Phone Watch GPS

If you were surprised to see the not so old sWaP Mobile Phone watch then get ready to be surprised again as sWaP has just unveiled another impressive mobile phone watch, the sWaP Rebel USB Wrist Watch Phone with GPS features and a lot more. Just think of something you can wear and carry in your class room without raising a single eyebrow. Although these USB watches look very attractive so be prepared to be questioned by your friends.

SWAP Rebel Phone Watch GPS
SWAP REBEL GSM Wrist Watch Phone
SWAP Rebel USB Watch Phone

The sWaP Rebel is a quad band GSM phone watch that you can wear like any other wrist watch. It has a 1.46” touch screen and it supports MP3 and other music formats as well. The sWaP Rebel USB Phone watch is also equipped with a small camera with which you can take still photos and also record videos. The sWaP watch even has a microSD card slot which supports up to 8GB of external memory card. Other features include Bluetooth, loud speaker, stereo-out, FM radio etc.

Did we mention that you can easily plug this wrist watch in any USB port. Yes, see the picture above and you get the idea. Unlike other GPS and phone wrist watches, this sWaP USB Phone Watch is very sleek and compact. Currently it is only available in UK for a price of £189 only, which for a GPS watch phone seems like a pretty fair deal.

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