SteriPEN Freedom : Rechargeable UV Water Purifier

steripen freedom UV water purifier

steripen freedom UV water purifier

If you are one of those who spend most of the time in outdoor adventures and tours then you might find the SteriPEN UV water purifier to be extremely handy. The SteriPEN Freedom water purifier is a rechargeable UV water purifier that has the capability to purify 8000 0.5L of water. It approximately takes about 48 seconds to purify 500 ml of water. The SteriPEN Freedom UV water purifier weighs just 74g and works is a very simple manner. Your just have to remove the lamp cover, immerse it in water and stir for about 48 seconds until the green LED turns ON to indicate that the water is ready for drinking. The SteriPEN Freedom UV water purifier has an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB cable as well as AC adopter. If you are interested, then you can have the SteriPEN Freedon UV water purifier at a price of $199.95 only.


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