Sound Hat Lets You Hear Music On The Go

Made of 100% polyester, these not so unusual looking hats are equipped with speakers inside them so that you can connect your iPhone or any other mp3 player and listen to music without worrying about those ear-bud speakers falling again and again.

iLogic sound hat lets you hear music on the Go

These sound hats are made by iLogic with built-in speakers placed exactly where your ears are. The speaker wire is 98 cms long which can easily be plugged in to any music player with headphone jack. So it is up to you whether you place your mp3 player in your hands, bag or pockets, the wire still gives you a lot of freedom in terms of body movement. This iLogic hat can easily be washed with warm water, of course after removing the speakers.

Available in pink, white and black colors, you can get these iLogic Sound Hats for under £15.

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