Sony Now Sells Its Flexible E-Ink PDF Reader For $999

sony flexible e-paper

sony flexible e-paper

If you remember, Sony sometimes ago had revealed its flexible display e-ink PDF reader. But it was not available to the general public in Japan and only Banking officials and law personnel were able to get it.

Now Sony has not only lifted that limitation as anyone interested in the DPT-S1 PDF Reader can get it but Sony has also reduced the price by $100 for a limited period. So the previously available flexible e-ink reader for $1100 can now be acquired for only $999.

The only problem is that the price still is quite high for consumers and there are better alternatives already in the market. The screen resolution of the Sony flexible e-ink reader is 1200 x 1600 which is quite impressive for reading PDF and A4 size documents on its 13.3-inch display.

Another impressive feature is the battery life which is claimed to be up to 3 weeks. So $999 for the Sony flexible e-ink reader, any takers? see details here.


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