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SENSE+ iPhone Dock Is An Efficient Life-Saving Smoke Detector

Sense+ iPhone Dock

Here comes another smart addition to the Apple Docking Stations but this time with an entirely different and interesting idea. The idea is based on a SENSE+ Technology which could able to sense Smoke or Toxic Gas.

The question arises why people prefer to have it although they already have smoke detectors in their houses? There are more than one reason to justify the upcoming SENSE+ Technology; for instance:

  • It quickly detects the smoke including fire smoke and any toxic gas like carbon mono oxide which normal smoke detectors take around 20 minutes to sense.
  • The sensor is built-in within the iPhone dock so easily place anywhere or at your nightstand.
  • The technology follows an App which enhances the sensor function by adding features like set alarm, call emergency numbers, etc. These app features you will need to customize accordingly.

These are the main highlighted features which surely convince the Apple users to must have it. This SENSE+ Docking station not only supports iPhone 5 but also able to connect with iOS devices having Lightning connector.

This amazing SENSE+ iPhone dock is currently an Indiegogo project which needs your attention and fund to come it into the real world and help people to make their lives even more protective. For further illustration watch the video below:

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