Roombots Will Invade Your Homes Very Soon



Image you have robots in your house that can take any form of shape i.e. they can transform to a piece of furniture or attach to an existing furniture and move it to your desired location. A Swiss Boirobotics Lab at EPFL has it for you of what they call Lego-like robotic blocks.

These are called Roombots and they have the ability to move swiftly and perform a variety of tasks which includes attaching to one another to form an arbitrary shape, move in a defined manner etc. Each of the Roombot blocks is made of two blocks and they include battery, motor and a wireless connection.

These Lego-like Roombots have claws that help them to cling to one another and to objects. With this ability they can even climb to the ceilings. The team behind Roombots are still working on it to improve the way users are going to interact with them i.e. to control them.

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