RM-KZ1 Universal Kids Remote Control by Sony

SONY Universal Kids remote control

If you are worried about your kids damaging your TV remote control (especially if you have a universal touch screen remote control such as the Logitech Harmony 1100) then chances are that you would be delighted to know about the new Rm-KZ1, which is a universal Kid’s remote control by no other than Sony. It has a splash proof design and this is also not the first Kids TV remote control we have seen so far.

SONY Universal Kids remote control
The Sony RM-KZ1 universal kids control works with all brands and models of old and new TV sets and comes with large and limited number of buttons that are visible to the kids. There buttons are programmable so that your kids can only see the channels you want them to see. At the bottom of the Sony RM-KZ1 lies the complete numeric keys including the settings and enter keys which are used to program this kids universal remote control. This complete set of buttons is hidden under a cover so that kids cannot use it. This Sony kids remote control also has other handy features such as the ability to lock the battery and the complete key set compartments and limit the volume change.

The Sony RM-KZ1 universal kid’s remote control is available at Target store for a special price of $14.99 only.

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