Ricoh Demos Omnidirectional Camera : Takes 360° Photos

Ricoh 360 degree Omnidirectional camera

Ricoh 360 degree Omnidirectional camera

Ricoh has just unveiled world’s first omnidirectional camera that you can see in the picture above. As you have noticed that the Ricoh’s 360° camera is equipped with two fish-eye cameras each of which is capable of taking 180° panoramic photo. The camera then combines both the images and then sends it via WiFi to a host device which can be a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The 360° image can be seen by the users in any way he or she prefers. A quick demo of the end result in the video below.

The Ricoh’s 360° Omnidirectional camera is a sort of test device to know how the consumers react to such a unique way to taking photos on the go. The company also states that if they find a log of people showing interest in the 360° camera then they might mass produce it for the consumers in near future.

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