Quit Smoking With Gamucci Micro Electronic Fake Cigarettes

If you are fighting hard to quit smoking but still have not figured out a way of doing this then you might want to have a look at these fake cigarettes which will assist you in cutting down the number of cigarettes that you smoke each day.

Gamucci fake Cigarettes

These are very much approved by the authorities and will not be imposed by smoking bans or prohibited areas because these do not emit smoke and ashes as those genuine cigs do. These Gamucci Micro Electronic cigarettes contain zero tobacco and are free from all carcinogenic contents that result in lungs cancer. This is an ideal gadget for those who want to quit smoking.

These fake cigarettes consist of two parts; one part that is the longest contains the micro electronic circuitry along with its rechargeable battery while the other part that is comparatively short contains the replaceable flavored cartridge. The cartridges taste just like tobacco and are not harmful to health that is why this electric cigarette will turn out to be a real solution for those who are looking for easy ways to quit smoking.

Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette

Each tobacco flavored cartridge in these fake cigarettes will last as long as 20 cigarettes. This electronic cigarette comes with 5 such cartridges and more can be ordered online. Accompanied two long lasting rechargeable batteries are also provided in this kit. The cool part is when the tip of the cigarette lights up when you inhale also the simulate vaporized smoke is emitted which evaporates and disappears in just a few seconds.

For charging these fake cigarettes, and adopter is also provided with this kit. A full charge will make this micro electronic cigarette last for almost one complete day. This Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette is not meant for minors that are under 18 years old. The electric cigarette measures only 11x1x1 cm which is approximately the same size of a standard size cigarette.