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PowerPot USB Charger : Thermoelectric USB Charger

PowerPot USB charger

Unlike the solar and wind USB chargers that requires sun light and wind to generate electricity, the PowerPot USB charger works slightly differently. It uses heat to generate electricity as it is fitted with a thermoelectric generator which is connected to a USB interface with which you can easily connect any USB powered phone, tablet or any other device and charge it. As long as the PowerPot USB charger is placed over fire and is warm, it will generate some charge for your power hungry gadget.

The PowerPot USB charger is ideal for extreme scenarios such as power shutdown for several days or in the outdoors. The PowerPot USB charger is still not available and whenever it does, it will come in 5, 10 and 15 Watts models with price anywhere from $125 to $500 which by any means is not cheap at all.