POWER PEN : 3-in-1 Pen Plus Stylus Plus Backup Battery

Power Pen

Power Pen

We have seen all sorts of crazy as well as innovative backup battery chargers for your smartphone but the Power Pen surpasses all. It is a 3-in-1 device that will not only be useful in providing battery power for your dead smartphone but will also serve as a stylus and a ball point pen.

One side of the Power Pen has the regular USB charging port that you can insert to any USB port to charge it while the other side has both the lightning as well as the miro USB connector (charging cables not needed) which you can simply plug into your iPhone or Android smartphone to get more talk time out of it.

The Power Pen has a 700mAh battery that gets charged quickly and is sufficient enough in case you need it and we all need it to be very honest.

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