Portable Coffee Maker The Handpresso

If you are fond of making and having coffee then chances are you have your own coffee maker at home. But what about then you are away and really need to have a cup of coffee. This is where this portable coffee maker comes in to action. The Handpresso is an instant coffer maker.

Handpresso Portable coffee maker

The handpresso is a smart portable and very compact coffee maker which you can use indoor as well as outdoor as it is very and is making instant coffee with the help of hot water and E.S.E. coffee pods that are available easily at supermarkets. Te handpresso comes in two versions one only contains the basic tool for pumping hot water for making coffee and the other kit contains even more items such as a carrying back bag, a thermos for hot water and a couple of coffee cups.

To make coffee with the handpresso coffee machine you have to pump the unit in order to pressurize is up to 16 bar and then pour hot water from the thermos. Now place your E.S.E. coffee pod and then pour freshly made coffee in to the coffee mugs without waiting. This is one great coffee making kit specially for those who love to have coffee any time and any where.

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