Polar Introduces Stride Sensor with Bluetooth Smart Technology

polar stride sensor bluetooth

polar stride sensor bluetooth

For all those fitness freaks out there this is a good news as this new gadget is for them. Shown in the photo above is a Stride Sensor by Polar. It monitors and tracks important data while the users keep their mind focused on training. This Polar Stride Sensor is equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology which enables you to measure your speed as well as several other parameters in the absence of an actual GPS.

The Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart connects with Bluetooth enabled handsets and easily clips on to user’s show. According to the recent press release, the Stride Sensor is able to capture data such as range, stride length, speed, distance etc. For those fitness gurus and coaches out there who are always keen in finding new ways to improve their training as well as fitness level, this gizmo is for them undoubtedly. The Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart is available for $79.95 only, see details.

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