Pocket Size USB Powered Ironing Gadget

Mobile Iron gadget

Mobile Iron gadget

The picture above tells the whole story. What you see is this photo is a pocket size cloth ironing gadget that you can use on the go and will come in handy to those who travel a lot and want to keep their cloth wrinkle free all the time. This palm-size travel iron is designed to press ties, trousers, collars, cuffs, skirts etc. It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries for mobile use and when you run short of battery juice, you can connect it with USB port and continue pressing to achieve your desired result. As the product description indicates that it will get really hot and temperature inside its jaws can reach as high as 95 F so great care is required while using it.

For those interested, this pocket-size iron can be purchased for about 980 Japanese Yen or roughly $10 which sounds like a great price for this handy gadget. Currently it is only available in Japan.

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