Panono : 360 Degree Ball Camera 72MP

Panono : 360 Degree Ball Camera 72MP

Panono ball camera

This has been in the works for quite sometimes, the Panono ball camera. Its a panoramic ball camera equipped with 36 cameras that are synchronized to take 360 degree panoramic shots. It weighs just 300g and is close to the size of a cricket ball. This idea is exciting and the results are even more interesting.

The Panono ball camera has built-in accelerometer that kicks in at the best moment to take panoramic shots while to ball is in the air. The resulted images are 72MP photos that can be viewed immediately on your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app for both iOS as well as Android platforms.

The Panono ball camera is currently seeking funds to make this idea into a reality. It is open for crowd funding at Indiegogo and when finally making its way to stores, it will be available for $499 only.

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