Pacemaker – Pocket DJ Mixer

Pacemaker is a Pocket size DJ mixer that you can take anywhere anytime and mix your favorite music the way you like. No need to spend thousands for those bulky music mixing equipment as the Pacemaker is a comparatively cheap DJ equipment that fits in your pocket to allow you to surprise your friends and shock your friends which this all in one mini DJ mixer.

Pacemaner - Pocket DJ Mixer

Although there are a great amount of tricks you can do with this hand held DJ mixer but we will only mention those that count the most and are also used more frequently. The Pacemaker measures 2.7 x 0.9 x 6.4 inches and only weighs under 6.5 ounces which makes it very easy to carry with you. The pocket DJ has a built-in rechargeable battery which when fully charged offers a play time of as long as 15 hours or 5 hours with playing plus mixing.

This Pocket DJ mixer comes with a PC based software so you can even create, edit your own music files and save to its hard drive that has a space of 60GB – 120GB depending upon which version you buy. The only difference in the two versions of this DJ mixer is the amount of disk space. The 120GB Pacemaker will cost you an additional £100.

Photos - Mini DJ Mixer the Pacemaker

The Pocket DJ has a 1.7 inch TFT display having 166 PPI of screen resolution. The hard drive can store up to 30,000 music tracks in AAC format which despite having the same bit rate as MP3 format has a better sound quality.

Pacemaker Pocket DJ Mixer has a bundle of features playback control, effects control and navigation controlling. The playback controlling offers you to play with features such as, time stretch, auto beat match, pitch speed, bend speed, beat graph, looping, reverse playback etc. Other features and controlling include :

  • Cue Play
  • Cue Control
  • Set and Save Cue Point
  • Auto Cue
  • DJ Pause
  • Vinyl Pause
  • Headphone Crossfader
  • Effects Controlling
  • Color FX
  • Beat FX
  • Effects Crossfader
  • Sound Controlling
  • Track EQ
  • Master EQ
  • Headphone EQ
  • Normalize Sound
  • Recording Controls Such as Record and halt
  • Volume Controls
  • Master Lineout Volume
  • Lineout volume limiter
  • Master Headphones Volume
  • Headphones volume limiter
  • Lineout crossfader
  • Track navigation Filters
  • Create and Edit cases

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