Now Solder Anywhere Anytime Is Possible Without Plug

USB Soldering Iron

USB Soldering Iron

Since everything is getting smarter nowadays, why not typical electric tools? So here comes an USB powered Soldering Iron from Thanko – a Japanese brand. It has a USB cable of 140 cm long which is when connected to your nearest laptop or mobile phone you can get your soldering work done anywhere, anytime.

Thanko USB Soldering Iron is just a 8W device which need 15 seconds to heat up and will be cool after 30 seconds when you plug out the USB cable. It also has ON/OFF switch which makes the device ON and OFF even if it is connected to USB port, which mean if the soldering pen is connected to USB it will not going to work unless trigger button is not presses.

This smart Thanko Soldering Iron Pen is available in japan at price of ¥1,980 (around $19).

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