Nixon’s Newton Watch For Men And GEEKs

This Newton wrist watch is neither an antique nor a very geeky wrist watch, as the name suggests, rather it is a very cool and attractive looking men’s wrist watch which definitely catches the attention of anyone nearby.

Newton Watch For Men

The Newton watch is one classic and one of the most demanded men’s wrist watches produced in year 2009. It was ranked in the top 100 watches by the Trendhunter magazine, with this being ranked #15. It comes in various attractive colors and due to its simple design, it was a big hit by Nixon, who are the manufacturer of this wrist watch.

The Nixon Newton Watch comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty and is mostly suited for casual wearing as most of the teenagers as well as many wrist watch lovers have found. The strap on the watch is very comfortable and soft, since it is made of flexible silicone which is considered to be the best material in wrist watches. The watch housing is made of polycarbonate material so if you happen to drop your Newton watch, chances are you will not be surprised at all because polycarbonate is very durable and takes some effort to even crack.

These are not G Shock Watches but still show some resistance when exposed to water.  This Newton watch is its water resistance of up to 50m. It has colorful backlight. The back light color and the watch color remains the same no matter which color watch you pick for yourself.

Unlike traditional wrist watches, the dial in this Newton watch is completely blank with just to circles. The larger circle is for the hour needle while the smaller circle is for the minutes needle. When initially released in the market, this wrist watch cost was $100 but you can now get it for less.

You can buy this Nixon Newton Watch from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price which will shoot back to normal anytime.

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