Nixon Trader Watch Can Withstand Against Bomb Attack



Nixon a well known watchmaker, brings this time a watch looking luxurious due to highly expensive materials have been used to make it but you get surprise when one says its a rigid and robust watch. So lets go into some details and find what is the real story.

The new Nixon watch is called Nixon Trader and its body is built with mix of titanium carbide, stainless steel and sapphire crystal; these are all such materials which are used to produce a high end, luxury branded timepieces. On the other hand, the company claimed that the mixture of these materials and its manufacturing design makes it bomb resistant i.e. it can survive in a bomb blast! It means that it is made highly shockproof and damage proof, as far as its resistance against water is concerned; vendors said that it is not waterproof. But its a general concept about the high end watches that they are made waterproof to some extent like up to 200 meters depth, so Nixon Trader is also a waterproof watch but its not safe enough to go deeper under water except for swimming.

Nixon still kept hidden its launch details and price so stay tune to get some more spicy news!

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