Nikon Introduces A New Golf Rangefinder – The COOLSHOT

Nikon coolshot Rangefinder

Nikon coolshot Rangefinder

Nikon brings a brand new Golf Rangefinder COOLSHOT; specially for those who are crazy for playing golf and want to be a professional golf player. The COOLSHOT is actually the successor of Nikon Laser 350G with some improved features.

The improvement in the COOLSHOT model is in the area of ranging system, ergonomic design, single press POWER button option and easy and immediate subject acquisition. Lets show you something about these improvements :

  • Ranging system : Becomes high-speed out to 550 m/600 yd. with 0.5-m/yd. distance display step
  • POWER Button : Single press activate First Target Priority Mode and 8 sec of continuous measurement accurate and quick figures
  • Subject acquisition : 6x multicoated lenses, 18 mm large ocular lens and 7.5° wider field of view makes it easy and immediate
  • Display : Brighter display under dark conditions via LED illumination

In addition with above these features, one more feature which is not much highlighted is its water-resistance; Yes! the COOLSHOT is made waterproof within 1m range for about 10 mins, but its not for underwater conditions. News regarding its price and availability is still to come so stay tuned!

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