Nike Unveils Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Nike+ SportWatch GPS

At 2011 CES, Nike just unveiled their latest creation, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS which is powered by the renowned TomTom GPS technology. This Nike+ GPS sports wrist watch is designed specifically for athletes and for those who spend most of their time in outdoor adventures. Some of the main features and specifications of this Nike+ SportWatch GPS are listed below.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS

The Nike+ GPS sports watch hardly looks like a GPS wrist watch, thanks to the compact and stylish design that allows this gadget to work in conjunction with Nike+ show sensors which can track useful data such as distance travelled, speed, time, calories burnt, heart rate etc. Users will have the option to define their own laps and this Nike+ SportWatch GPS also serves as a perfect companion. It motivates the user by displaying on-screen reminders to get you moving on the track.

The new Nike+ SportWatch GPS keeps all records of user data which the user can later access on the watch as well as on his/her personal computer. The USB GPS wrist watch easily attaches to the USB port. Users will also have the option to connect to and view their goals, completed runs as well as connect with other community members.

Currently Nike has not revealed the price and availability of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. So stay tuned for updates.

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