NeoCube The Stress Reliever

This NeoCube comes in handy on lots of occasions. Either you want to relieve your stress, pass your free work time or bring out the inner artist in you, this little yet very interesting NeoCube is made of 216 mini sized ball bearing magnets can turn out to be a big time stress reliever for you.

Neocube 216 mini ball bearing magnets for relieving stress

It is really up to the person holding this, whether he or she wants to just do the time with it or make something creative out of it. You can make a cube, pyramid, ring, wrist band, necklace, mini flower vase or anything else that comes to your mind depending upon how far your imagination takes you with this magnetic cube. Only make sure that you keep your kids under 12 away from this as it might hurt their fingers a bit.

You can easily get this NeoCube online for under £30.

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