NEC Intros Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner HS100-10

NEC Contactless fingerprint scanner HS100-10

NEC has just introduced the very first contactless biometric identification gadget, the HS100-10 Fingerprint scanner. The HS100-10 is a contactless Hybrid fingerprint scanner which does not require any sort of physical contact between the finger and the scanner which is simply a remarkable achievement by NEC.

NEC Contactless fingerprint scanner HS100-10

The NEC HS100-10 Hybrid finger scanner connects to any USB port and serves the purpose. It only weighs about 90g and measures 52(W) x89(D) x48(H) mm. It has a working temperature range of 5-36 degree Celsius, relative humidity range of 20-80%. The NEC contactless finger scanner consumes very less amount of electrical power and is rated at 2.5VA maximum.

According to NEC, the HS100-10 features Hybrid matching algorithm along with fusion identification method and has a high scanning capacity which makes it quite a unique fingerprint scanner. The NEC Hybrid Fingerprint scanner is scheduled to be released in May 2011 and there is still no word on price so stay tuned for updates.

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