Mouseless : Invisible Computer Mouse

Invisible mouse Mouseless

This might sound like a fairy tale but a student from MIT has made this a reality of what he calls the “Mouseless”, an invisible computer mouse that is used to communicate with computers the same way a standard mouse does.

Invisible mouse Mouseless

To get things cleared up in mind, this invisible mouse utilizes an infrared laser and an infrared camera. Special software is required to interpret the signals from both the IR laser as well as IR camera. The IR camera considers the hand as a computer mouse while the IR laser senses movement and read finger tapping as mouse clicks, cool isn’t it!

The idea of replacing standard computer mouse with Mouseless or IR Laser + IR Camera combination might seem attractive to some folks but what is even more interesting is that this entire prototype costs as little as $20. To get a clear picture of how this invisible computer mouse works, watch the video demo below. We have not received any information about this going into mass production.

VIDEO : Invisible Computer Mouse – Mouseless

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