Montblanc e-Strap Is An Ad-On For Its Luxury Watch

Montblanc Smart Band

Montblanc Smart Band

Montblanc entered into the world of smartwatches where competitors like Google, Apple and Pebble are already in action. Montblanc e-Strap is the first step to compete in the smartwatch world; this e-Strap can turn the Montblanc watch into the Smartwatch. Make sure that the watch will be luxury Montblanc!

Therefore, we can say that Montblanc targeting the class which prefers to wear luxury watch while having access to some high-tech features at the same time. The Montblanc e-Strap can easily fit onto the watch and will show you alerts after connecting with your Android or Apple phone via app. This Florentine leather band from Montblanc is also able to control music and your phone camera remotely.

Being the luxury ad-on device, the strap must have some protective design; therefore, Montblanc made it shock and splash resistant. Montblanc will show its e-Strap for the first time at the forthcoming SIHH 2015 watch show at the end of January. So far, according to the sources, Montblan e-Strap will cost around $300 and this is not enough! You will have to splash out more than that on purchasing the Luxury Montblanc watch to make this ad-on work smartly. Let’s see how customers will welcome this ad-on!

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