Mobile Edge UrgentPower : Universal Smartphone USB Charger

mobile edge charger

mobile edge charger

Mobile Edge has just released it new gadget, the UrgentPower device. The UrgentPower is a portable smartphone charger that can be used to charge all other USB powered devices such as iPod nano, eBook readers etc.

The Mobile Edge UrgentPower packs a 2600mAh rechargeable battery that can give your dead smartphone an additional 10-hour talk time life which is quite splendid if you ask me. It requires an initial charging of 24-hours via USB cable that comes with it.

The Mobile Edge UrgentPower charging solution comes with micro USB, mini USB and Apple 30-pin connectors. The LED charging status is a plus for such a small device. Addition features include over voltage and current protection and of course short circuit protection.

The UrgentPower portable charging device is available under $30 only, at Amazon (see details).

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