Mobee Magic Charger For Apple’s Magic Mouse

Mobee Magic Mouse Charger Wireless

Mobee has just launched a new concept product, a magic charger for the your very favorite Apple’s magic mouse which is a wireless mouse and runs on a pair of AA batteries. What this Mobee magic charger does is that it will wirelessly charger your magic mouse so that you do not get into the hassle of replacing batteries all the time.

Mobee Magic Mouse Charger Wireless

The Mobee magic charger has a USB charging base with LED light which indicates the charging status. The Mobee wireless charger works on the principle of inductive charging (see video) which is in contrast to conventional charging method where we have physical (electrical) contacts between the charging source and the battery contacts. A single charge of 6 hours will make the Apple magic mouse to work continuously for about 6 days and that as well without replacing batteries. The Mobee magic charger base is powered by USB and it only weighs 37 grams.

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