Mini Under Water HD Camera : Easy Shot Clip HD by Concord

Clip HD Dive Camera

Clip HD Dive Camera

The Concord Easy Shot Clip HD is a super mini digital video camera about the size of an average human thumb and it is capable of recording HD 720p videos at roughly 30FPS which for a camera so small seems remarkable.

The Concord Easy Shot Clip HD shoots some decent quality videos and it also comes with an underwater diving kit that will allow you to take this mini video camera up to 100 feet under water and record high definition video as well as audio.

The camera can accept micorSD cards up to 32GB and it records HD videos in AVI format which can be downloaded to PC via USB cable that comes with it. It has internal rechargeable battery that offers sufficient battery time. Users have reported video recording up to one and a half hour on a single charge.

The Concord Easy Shot Clip HD Mini digital video camera is available for $59.99 at Amazon (see details).

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