Messless Charge Station For Your Portables

You have seen many charging stations in the past and they keep coming in all sorts of crazy shapes in features. This one is no different. As the name suggests, this is a Messless Charge station made to get rid of all those wires coming about of your camera, cell phone, iPod chargers.

Messless Charging Station

The Messless charge station has a black base with a glass top for placing up to 4 different gadgets to be charged simultaneously. Although it is not as worthy in compatibility as the Refresh charging station but it still does a real good job for charging most of the common gadgets that are seen these days. With the Messless Charging station, you can charge your Nokia phones, Nokia Mini, iPods, Mini USB compatible devices, Sony Ericsson K750 plus your very own PSP.

Gadget Charging Station

The Messless charging station looks stylish and elegant and takes less space than many other bulky charging stations. It is powered by mains power (UK only) via adaptor that comes with it. Overall it is a nice little charging station measuring only 20 x 20 x 6.5cm plus the height of the gadget to place over it to charge.

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