MeoTune : TV Tuner For Android and iOS Devices

MeoTune TV Tuner wireless

MeoTune TV Tuner wireless

Most of the Chinese handsets shipped these days have the ability to play local TV channels but this is not the case in most of the smartphones that are found almost everywhere. The MeoTune by TAXAN is a device that takes care of this by turning your iOS as well as Android powered smartphone or other device into a fully functional portable TV. The MeoTune has the capability to tune into local TV channels and then transmit the signals to the smartphone or other device over Wi-Fi. The TAXAN MeoTune has a battery life of up to 4 hours and can also serve as an emergency battery backup for your smartphone especially if you spend most of the time outdoor. Currently the MeoTune is available in Japan for a price of 10,702 Yen or roughly $139 only.


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