Memo Box : Personal Pill Reminder Gadget

memo box

memo box

There are all sorts of gadgets popping almost every couple of days with no practical use in real life but the Memo Box might come in handy. If you are one of those who always struggle to keep up with their medication in a timely manner then this might solve your problem.

The Memo Box is a smart storage box for your pills. It is in fact a lot more than just a box. It has its own mobile app which it connects with to update and inform if the person has taken their medications.

How precisely it does is still not uncovered but our guess would be that it uses Bluetooth to connect with the mobile app and then updates all the information. There are plenty of handy features to the Memo Box as well such as alerting the user if they have already taken their pills to avoid over dosage.

You can hand over this Memo Box to your loved ones and keep track and be certain that they have taken their medicine on time. Currently the Memo Box is seeking funds to become reality. It will have a retail price of $48 only. More details can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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