Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Looks Awesome

mars levitating speaker

mars levitating speaker

How many times have you seen your speakers levitating in the air while playing your favorite music, I bet not even once. What you see above is a called Mars, a levitating Bluetooth speakers that delivers 360 degree sound experience for the entire room. The UFO like speaker even levitates in the air while spinning and delivering music of your choice.

It is portable and light grade and built with aircraft grade aluminum plus it is also waterproof up to 3 feet. The Mars also has a Base which doubles as a subwoofer and a charging station for your USB chargeable gadgets. It can be controlled easily via its dedicated Android or iOS app.

Both the Mars speakers and subwoofer have up to 8 hours of battery life and can cost you up to $169 which for a cool looking levitating speaker + subwoofer is not a bad deal. Currently it seeks funds as it is still in the project phase but we have a feeling that it is not far when we are able to see one of these cool Bluetooth levitating speakers on our desks.

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