Make Your Home Security System Smart With The Affordable BeON Light Bulbs

BeON Light Bulb

Families that usually go on vacations or mostly spend time outside their homes, require perfect home security system. Majority of these systems charge monthly and become a stress rather than providing comfort just because of false alarm signals, complex installation and charges. Soon you can get the stress-free home security system in the form of BeON Light Bulbs.

BeOn Light Bulbs are nothing but a common set of bulbs that can serve for multipurpose. When you fit it into your lamp, it will work like normal light bulb but when you insert module, it will then act as your Home Security System. By sliding a module into the bulb, you may able to use it for following purposes as mentioned below:

BeON Light Bulb

Light sockets usually install at the best possible locations in every home including entryways, hallways, center of most rooms, at tops and bottoms of stairs, at everyone’s bedside, etc. Therefore, team working on the BeON Light Bulb project, has plan to offer the bulbs based on the home sizes i.e.

BeON Pledge Offer

BeON Light Bulbs are very easy to install, just click the module, flick the button and swipe to select the operating mode. These bulbs employing a Bluetooth mesh network that spread the range of the bulb throughout the house. These bulbs are designed with 800 lumens of soft white LED light output, equivalent to a 60W incandescent light bulb. Whereas, the module comprises of Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, microphone, processor and rechargeable battery. To implement advance features, a separate mobile app is built to set bulb to listen to your doorbell, manually modify the schedules, and turning on and off away mode.

BeON bulb is the cheapest idea of installing Home Security System using light bulbs. It is currently a Kickstarter project which require some more pledge to bring it into the market which hopefully be achieved in the early 2015.

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