LIX Is A Pen That Can Draw 3D Objects In The Air

LIX 3D Pen

LIX 3D Pen

The idea is pretty much similar to that of the 3Doodler pen but it has been presented in a far more appealing manner. As t he title suggests, the LIX is being claimed to be world first 3D printing pen that you can power from your computer’s USB port.

The LIX pen just need some plastic filament of your favorite color and a USB 3.0 port to power up and rest all depends on the person holding the LIX pen. It is claimed that after plugging the USB cable, the LIX 3D printing pen just takes 60 seconds to start doodling in the air.

Currently the LIX 3D printing pen is a project at Kickstarter and when it starts shipping in Q3/Q4 2014, it will have a retail price of £82 or $135 only.

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