Light Blue Optics’ Light Touch Turns Any Surface Into Touch Screen

Light Touch in action

The title says it all. Light Touch is in innovative product by no other than Light Blue Optics. It is a rather interactive type of projector that will turn any flat surface into a touch screen so the user can interact the same way he/she interacts with touchscreens on smartphones and tablet devices.

Light Touch in action
Light Touch Projector
Light Touch touchscreen projector

The Light Touch has Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) technology which projects high quality image projection up to 35 lumens in brightness and up to 10.1” (diagonal) size. It also makes use of infrared sensors to detect touch movements which is one of the major ingredients in this product. Unlike many other projectors, the Light Touch is a full-color Holographic Laser Projector which has Class 1 i.e. it is eye-safe under all conditions. Other features of Light Touch include 3.5mm stereo headphone out jack along with internal mono speaker. The device also has a composite video in along with Wi-Fi support.

Light Touch projector runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 as its main application software. It has 2GB of internal flash memory which can be upgraded by adding a microSD memory card. It has a rechargeable battery and the device has operating temperature range of 5ºC to 35ºC. It only weighs 400g and measures 98x35x165mm. Currently the Light Blue optics Light Touch interactive projector is available to select customers. If you are interested, you should contact them directly.

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