LG Wireless Charging Pad LG WCP-700

LG wireless charging pad WCP-700

LG has just announced another of their interesting gadget, a wireless charging solution for cell phones and other portable gadgets, the LG WCP-700 which is the new LG Wireless charging pad. This LG wireless charger makes use of inductive coils inside cell phones that gets energized due to magnetic field created by this wireless charger. More details about LG WCP-700 are below.

LG wireless charging pad WCP-700

The new LG wireless charger has a very sleek and compact design and it hardly looks like a charger. It has just enough space to charge one of your cell phones. It has a couple of LED indicators for showing the charging status. The LG WCP-700 hardly looks like any other charger we have seen in the past. It only measures 6.29×3.54×0.39 inches. According to LG, the wireless charger has an effective range of 7mm from the center of placement guide.

The new LG Wireless charging Pad (WCP-700) will start shipping in April 2011 for a price tag of $69.99 only and we have a feeling that plenty of these will be followed in the coming weeks.

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