LG Going To Launch KizOn As GizmoPal In US



LG has released a wearable communicating device for kids this year in South Africa known as KizOn. Following the same prototype and design, LG is now going to introduce this device in US as GizmoPal. This is also a wearable device for kids, which will help them to communicate easily with their parents.

GizmoPal has a single button on its front for making and receiving calls. The device is linked through an app, which is designed for iOS and Android devices. The app helps to configure the GizmoPal easily, using the companion app you can locate your child, manage contact i.e. who can call your child at GizmoPal.

LG releasing this device via Verizon platform, so it requires Verizon services to work it as anticipated. GizmoPal will be start selling from December 11, but you can purchase it right now through Verizon website at price of $79.99.

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