Latest Amazon Kindle is Now Available for Preorders

New Amazon Kindle

Kindle is running as #1 bestselling item for Amazon since last two years, after getting such popularity Amazon is going to release its new version of Kindle which is now available for preorders.

New Amazon Kindle
The all- new Kindle version has improved features as compare to previous one for instance;

• New electronic-ink screen
• 50 percent better contrast
• 21 percent smaller body
• 15 percent lighter weight
• 20 percent faster page turns
• Up to one month of battery life
• Double book storage capacity (almost 35,000 books)
• Built-in Wi-Fi with 3G

Amazon is also going to introduce Kindle-WiFi which is cheaper in price as compare to all-new kindle because it doesn’t have 3G connectivity but all the features are same. The all-new kindle and kndle-WiFi are available for preorders at price of $189 and $139 respectively. Both models are shipping at 27th August, so if you are a big kindle user then preorder it at Amazon before this date.

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